Ok, I think we can all concede that there are fantastic benefits to any of the air mattress beds discussed on this website. Who can argue with the added comfort these things provide on camping and hiking trips? Who wouldn’t rest easier on a long road trip in the family mini van or SUV with an air bed in the back? But what about every night at home? Are air beds suitable for everyday use? Everyday Air Mattress Bed Use It’s important to recognize here that there are air mattresses and then there are air mattresses. The temporary raised or double air mattress you subject your guests to or the Aerobed for kids you bring along when traveling is one thing. In the short term, these are great alternatives to sleeping on the hard floor or on a lumpy old couch that offers little to nothing in the way of back support. But, over the long term, they do leave something to be desired. For everyday use you should consider a permanent, high-end air mattress designed with that purpose in mind such as the Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort. Everyday air mattress beds have a great deal more in design, construction and comfort to offer over their convenient temporary cousins.  Unfortunately, they are also notably more expensive. That price tradeoff for full time use is, in my estimation, money well spent for several reasons. Everyday Air Mattress Bed Use A quality everyday air mattress is designed with a frame in mind which helps limit distortions due to weight distribution (think of a balloon in a box). This makes them decidedly friendlier to you tossing-and-turning types who’d otherwise roll off an ordinary air mattress. In addition to better conformity, everyday air mattress beds also improve on comfort. From the more mundane but luxurious addition of mattress pads in any number of thicknesses to the more exotic features of independent firmness adjustment offered in Select Comfort’s Sleep Number models, everyday air mattresses definitely warrant the increased expense over their less ambitious cousins. One final note I’ll expand on in my next post - multiple studies seem to support the finding that switching to an air mattress bed for your everyday use could result in dramatic improvements in sleep, quality of sleep and back pain relief.  If that doesn’t have you considering switching out that old spring torture device you’ve been enduring for years then you might just be a glutton for punishment. Resources: